Replacing a zipper slider is actually simple. If no number is stamped on the back of the slider, take this with you to the sewing supplies shop so you will be able to measure this up to other sliders available at the shop and choose the exact one you need. You can buy top stops and sliders together, with top spots being the metal part on the lower portion of the zipper that prevents the zipper slider from running off its tracks.

  • You can use pliers for removing the current “top stop” from the garment and moving up the slider and off the zipper. In case the slider has remained in “locked” position, you can use something tiny such as a paper clip that you can stick below the pull tap loop to help you pop open the lock to take off the slider.
  • Insert the new slider to the teeth beginning at the part where the top stop was removed.
  • Replace the top stop you just removed with the new one that came with the slider using pliers.

Make Zippers Slide Faster and Easier

If you ever find yourself hopeless with your stuck zipper, you can grab a bar of soap. You can rub this over the zipper teeth and tug gently to make this give way. In case this doesn’t work, you can move to another type of lubricant. Some good options include petroleum jelly, pencil lead, or glass cleaner.

Replacing Zipper Pull Tabs

Fixing zipper pull tabs is actually as easy and simple as looking for a replacement for the original one you damaged or lost. There are several few things you can use to swap out the old one so that it can pull again.

  • You can slide a key ring or a paperclip onto the slider and this is something you can do in a pinch.
  • Keep things simple using nylon zipper sliders.
  • You can gear up for some heavy duty usage with the help of zipper tags.
  • In case you feel fancy, you can also search for “zipper charms” that can range from monogram tags to small cartoon characters in all materials, shapes and sizes.

Prevent Zippers from Sliding Down

Why is it that only zippers in pants and jeans slide down? Well, the simple and easy answer is because these zippers get lots of wear and tear, and when you tug at the zipper more often, the higher the chance that you lift its locking mechanism out of its place.

There is small silver “finger” you can find on the pull of brass zippers that sets down to the teeth and it locks  when you push the zipper up your pants then push down the tab into place. When this finger gets pulled out of its place, it can no longer properly hold onto the zipper teeth and perform its main function. If you are dealing with this problem, the good news is that there temporary and permanent fixes you can try.

But, if all else fails, you can always browse’s zipper selection to find the best replacements you need.