Look beautiful is the desire of all women. One way to make a look more beautiful is by combining the right dress that suits the body. If u looking for the best wholesale dresses you can visit lover-beauty.com.

If you have a proportional body, of course, it is not difficult to choose a dress. Various fashion items that will be worn always seem pretty.

But what about the other body? Do not worry, here we have summarized the choice of dress to suit the body. Keep scrolling!

Square body

Women who have this posture, shoulders, and hips have the same width so that the body resembles a square.

Usually, women with this body shape do not have a curve in the waist and only straight from the shoulder to the hips.

Women with this body shape also tend to have small or flat breasts and flat buttocks.


  • If you want to wear a dress, add accessories like belts to indicate the curve of the waist.

Reverse Triangle Body Shape

Women with a body shape like this have a broad and broad chest but with small hips.

The body shape that resembles an inverted triangle is usually owned by people who like to swim or have an athletic body.


  • Use pants with wide cuts such as semi boot cut or regular cut.
  • For dresses, use those that make the lower body look wide, like the A-line model.

Pear Body Shape

Women with pear-shaped body shape, have hips, buttocks, and large thighs, with small buttocks and chests.

Many people are thin, but appear to be filled only because the bottom looks big.


  • Use wide pants at the bottom to disguise the shape of large buttocks.
  • Use a dark color for the dress you use to disguise the large lower body.

Hourglass Body Shape

Women with body shapes like this could be said to have the ideal body shape.

The balance between the shoulders and hips and the curves that are visible at the waist make the body resemble an hourglass.


  • You can try using a skirt or pencil pants to show the curves. This will make you look sexy!
  • You can also try using obi-type belts or accessories around the waist area to show curves.
  • You can also choose dresses with open necks or V neck models. If you’re looking for cheap skater dresses, lover-beauty is the answer.

Apple Body Shape

Women with apple body shape tend to be large at the top, but do not have a curve at the waist.

Usually, women who have this body have a wide torso, but the hips, legs, and thighs are smaller.

If you have a body like this, don’t worry, you can still do this!


  • You can try using a dress with an A-line model to form a curve on your waist that tends to be extensive.
  • With the body shape of an apple, usually, the main point is on the legs. So don’t hesitate to show off your legs using a short dress.
  • You can also choose a top with a V-neck model. Usually, apple-shaped people have beautiful breasts, so you can highlight it by using a V neck dress.

That’s the trick to dress according to body shape.

Whatever its shape, as long as you are confident, you can use clothes as you wish. For those of you who are looking to buy online, lover-beauty is the right choice.

Good luck!