It’s time to cook, your kitchen knife is the essential tool you have when preparing your favorite dish, and for this you need your kitchen knife to be 100% for this task to be successful, that is why that in this report we want to tell you how to take care of your kitchen knives.

The kitchen knife, like any element that is used often, suffers wear and tear and misuse. In this article, we will indicate the good habits and care that you should give your beloved kitchen knives so that they are your perfect companions in the preparation of your favorite dishes.

Is it worth investing in a quality kitchen knife?

A good kitchen knife will cost you a considerable sum of money, but do not hesitate, this investment will be more than compensated as it will provide you with an extraordinary experience in your culinary life.

With a quality kitchen knife, dicing onions will not only be more fun, but also a lot safer.

“A dull knife is really dangerous”, without a doubt you are much more likely to suffer an injury if your knife has a dull edge.

However, before you take the step of investing in a sharp kitchen blade, there are a few things you need to know.

What aspects should I observe in a knife?

As we mentioned earlier, the quality of a knife is essential if you want to do a good job in the kitchen.

Among the most popular quality knives used in the kitchen are stainless steel knives, being the most used material in the manufacture of kitchen knives.

Stainless steel, in all its versions, is the most used and popular material for the manufacture of quality kitchen knives. This material stands out from the rest for its different degrees of hardness and also for its durability, since it is a material that resists corrosion for a long time.

Once you choose your kitchen knives, in order for them to retain their original features and qualities, it is necessary to properly sharpen and maintain the edge, as well as safe and adequate storage and hygiene.

Damascus steel is a type of crucible steel that was actively manufactured in the Middle East from approximately 1100 to 1700. Swords tempered with this steel were legendary for their strength and sharpness, and soon became a highly prized item. among the armies of the time.

They are easily recognized by the characteristic wavy patterns on their blade.

The foundry world began to walk and man devised molds with which to obtain reproductions of the objects he created.

The casting technique advanced as the ingenuity of the foundry devised new procedures for casting new objects.

So it was the turn of the knives and swords. At this time, the foundry had stone molds of the same carving, using chisels made of other harder stones or bronze chisels previously fused in sand.

Damascus steel considered one of the best for its hardness

The oldest description of the swords of Damascus dates back to AD 540, but they may have been in use much earlier, even in the time of Alexander the Great.

The steel itself was made in India, where it was called wootz. But it was in the time of Domitian that steel was installed in Damascus (capital of Syria), along with a large number of important swordsmen who helped make the city a major commercial center.

Damascene steel was obtained by joining pieces of iron and steel, through the welding process called “a la calda”.

The most common way of this union of Damascene steel was to screw various steel and iron rods, forging that bundle and joining the rods in a single piece obtaining a solid bar, from which they would later forge the sword or dagger blade.

Today there are many models of Damascus Knife steel pocket knives and knives with various types of handles that are considered a product of the highest quality.

Damascus steel (also known as Damascene steel or Damascene steel) is a type of crucible steel used and made in the Middle East for the manufacture of swords from 1100 to 1700.

Damascus steel swords were legendary for their toughness and almost eternal edge, they were highly acclaimed in Europe.

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