Let’s admit it, spray tan booths can be intimidating, especially for those who are stepping into the vertical tanning booth for the first time. Since most modern tanning devices are new, people don’t know what to expect and feel overwhelmed when they step into one. Knowing how vertical tanning booths work and how to stand in them is essential to get a perfect tanning experience. After all, nobody wants to come out brown like Ross from Friends.

In this blog, we will walk you through some tips and tricks of standing in a vertical spray tanning booth and avoiding a bad tanning experience.

#1 Remember NOT to wear Deodorant

For first-time tanner, this is the most important tip. Deodorant and antiperspirant can react with the tanning salon and can leave green patches on the armpits. Thus, before heading to the spa salon, ditch the Deodorant.

#2 Don’t Put Makeup before Spray Tan

Before heading for that day spa Hampton Roads, make sure you are not wearing any moisturizer or makeup. Putting any lotion or cream on the skin before taking spray tan treatment can prevent the solution from going deep into the skin cells. 

#3 Dress Appropriately 

When going into the tanning booth, one must dress appropriately. Swimsuit or birthday suit is the best pick for a dress when stepping into the vertical tanning booth. Since spray tan can stain your clothes, don’t wear a new swimsuit or light-coloured outfit. Make sure you are not wearing any accessories like jewellery, watch, band, etc. if you have long hair, fold them into a bun and cover your head with a shower cap. This will ensure your hair doesn’t get the colour. 

#4 Stand in the Middle of the Tan Booth

Most tan booths have the spray nozzles in the middle. Thus, one must stand at the center of the tan booth. Don’t stand to close or too far from the vents as it can prevent you from getting evenly tanned. If you are not sure where to stand, ask the operator for the directions.

#5 Stand in the Position Specified

Most modern-day tanning booths have instructions written inside it to help people stand properly. Generally, one should face the wall where the nozzles are placed. However, different salons have different tanning machines and techniques. Thus, it’s always advised to follow the guidelines given by the tanning technician.

Here is an easy guide as to how to stand in a tanning booth;

  • Stand straight without hunching over or slouching.
  • Keep your feet should-width apart from one another.
  • Extend your arms sidewards and spread your fingers.
  • Keep your eyes and mouth shut throughout the process.

#6 Use Towel to Soak up the excess tan

It’s common to have smudges and streaks after the spray tan. If you notice these inconsistencies after you are out from the tanning booth, gently pat the skin area with a towel. Since spray tan requires time to set, it’s recommended not to wipe or rub the skin. Doing so can ruin the tan and prevent even tan.